Planning for the future with a will

We offer an extremely competitive rate for drafting your Will and advising you in relation to the distribution of your estate.

We can look confidentially at your affairs, advise on any potential Inheritance Tax Liability and suggest how best you can provide for your family on your death. Our service includes advice on planning your affairs to reduce any Inheritance Tax liability including the use of Deeds of Variation, trusts and lifetime gifts.

Figures suggest that up to 70% of people in the UK die without a Will in place. This can lead in many circumstances to serious family strife and taxation problems after death with valued possessions perhaps having to be sold as a result.

Very often the making of a Will can prevent such problems arising and ensure that the persons responsible for distributing your estate and caring for any young children are chosen by yourself.

Contrary to popular opinion, making a Will is generally inexpensive and need not necessarily take a very long time. You may be entitled to Legal Aid for this service. Please contact us, free of charge, to enquire as to the cost of making a Will and whether you might be entitled to Legal Aid.