Protection from Harassment Injunctions

If you are being continually harassed, threatened, pestered or stalked by a stranger, acquaintance, neighbour or even after a relationship has ended, we here at John J McNally & Co can help you to get civil injunctions under the Protection From Harassment Act (1997).

The Protection From Harassment Act (1997) makes harassment a criminal and civil offence and gives the police more powers to arrest and charge a person who is harassing you, and can be used instead of “Common Law Injunctions”. Harassment includes, nuisance phone calls, stalking, threats, excessive noise or any behaviour which causes you “alarm” or “distress”. The harassment has to have happened more than once for you to use this Act. In the case of stalking, you must show the behaviour caused you to think that person was likely to use violence on you. The Act can also be used to prevent harassing behaviour by neighbours, protesters, family members, the media etc.

When the court gives you an injunction the person abusing you must be personally handed a copy of the injunction document in order to make it effective. This is called “serving” the injunction. We will be able to arrange this for you should you request this service. An injunction is therefore only valid when the perpetrator has been officially served with the court order. Please make sure that you give a copy of the injunction to any relevant agencies including your local police, any specialist agency you are working with, your employer, and your children’s schools if the order relates to them also.