Licensing Solicitors

John J McNally is a Practice which has an excellent reputation in dealing with Licensing cases.  We act for a large number of Licences in the Mid-Ulster area and can assist you in relation to all your Licensing needs.

We have many years’  experience in acting on behalf of Publicans, Restaurant Proprietors,  Off-Licences, Bingo Hall Proprietors, Bookmakers, and Registered Clubs.  As a Licence Holder, you will appreciate that if you wish to extend your Licensed Premises both internally and externally you must have the prior consent of the Court. We can assist you in applying to the Court for the necessary consent.

We regularly act on behalf of Clients who wish to open and operate new Licensed Premises to include: – Public Houses, Wine bars, Off-Licences and Restaurants.  We have regularly been involved in applications for new Licenses, extending Licensed Premises,  obtaining Protection Orders, making applications to transfer Licences and renew Licences. We have also successfully applied to have a number of Clubs in the area formally registered with the Courts for licensing purposes..